Jul 22 2015

The Best Strollers to Buy for Your Vietnam Trip


babytransitTravelling is very exciting because you get the chance to uncover different territories and visit historical places of the country that you are going to. Vietnam is a beautiful country to uncover because of the people, landscapes and its natural beauty. Many tourists choose Vietnam as their travel destination because of the many activities that you can do there. However, travelling is different when you have your baby with you. The best solution around this is to get a stroller that can hold your baby and keep them comfortable through all the walking and exploring that you do. There are different types of strollers, and you need to choose which one will work best for your trip and will ensure maximum comfort for your baby. If you are out shopping for a stroller that you can take with you on your Vietnam trip, here are the different types of strollers for your information.


Prams are for newborns who need to lie down while being transported to places. These are old fashioned carriages that have large wheels and a sleeping space that looks like a bassinet. Although prams are very good for newborns, they can be very expensive and cost up to $1,000, and you can only use them up to the baby’s third month. There’s not suitable for travelling too because they’re heavy and bulky. You might want to consider lightweight strollers when travelling because it’s more compact and easy to carry.

Car-seat frame

This type is considered as the most practical choice for couples. They are very cheap; fold’s easily and is built with lightweight frames. The best part is that you can snap this kind of stroller on top of your car railing after you remove the seat. Because of this technology, you are sure that you won’t wake your baby up when they fall asleep in the car. Just like prams, a car seat frame stroller can only be used for a limited time. Once your baby outgrows the car seat, you need to buy a new stroller again.

Travel system

This type of stroller is almost the same as car seat frames, but you can use it for a longer time. It looks like a traditional stroller that is bought with a detachable car seat. You can choose to keep the car seat until your baby can already sit up. When this happens, you can already remove the car seat and sit your baby on the stroller. The downside with travel systems is that they tend to be heavy and hard to fold when you need to store it in the car. However, they are very sturdy and last a long time.

Umbrella stroller

This type of stroller is lightweight models that are best for toddlers who would want to run and walk instead of riding the stroller. Another great thing about umbrella strollers is that it can be very cheap especially the low-end ones. However, there are also better quality models that can cost up to $150. You also need to know that since these strollers are lightweight, they may not have enough padding and might not serve as the best for babies who still need maximum support. Learn more about baby strollers in the market.

Jun 7 2015

Vietnam’s Take on the Wheatgrass Juice Trend

thebestjuicergalWheatgrass juice is increasingly becoming popular with people who are watching their weight or trying to stay fit and healthy. The best way to extract juice from wheatgrass is to use a juicer. There are different types of juicers, but some are specially made for juicing wheatgrass and other types of leaves. Vietnamese people had been drinking healthy juices even before Wheatgrass became popular. There are many health benefits that drinking fresh juices give people. These benefits include youthfulness, blood purifying, help with nervous conditions, improved eyesight, better memory as well as pain relief.

Although there are many types of leaves that can be extracted with juice, wheatgrass proves to be the one that gives the most benefits hence its popularity. Some might think that wheatgrass definitely won’t taste good, but here are some information that is sure to change your mind.

How To Use Wheatgrass In A Green Smoothie

The flavor that you get from wheatgrass is something that you will either love or hate. The trick is to use a freshly extracted wheatgrass juice. It’s also best to dedicate a juicer to wheatgrass alone to avoid mixing it with other flavors. You need to remember that you only need a little bit of the juice when making a wheatgrass drink. You can start with half of a shot and work your way up. Make sure not to make the mistake of dumping too much wheatgrass juice on your drink unless you want to be surprised.

The cellulose found in the grass is very tough so there is a chance that you might not effectively extract the nutrients. If you are serious about juicing wheatgrass, then you need to use a good quality blender because the tough fibers may cause indigestion.

Here is a popular recipe that you can try at home:

Pineapple-Wheatgrass Green Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup grapes
  • 1/2 shot of wheatgrass or
  • 1/2 peach,
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
  • 4 ounces of water

Pear-Wheatgrass Smoothie

  • 1/2 shot of wheatgrass
  • 2 pears (medium size)
  • 4 water

How To Select Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass grows from 1-2 weeks. Because of this, it can be found in stores all year round. You also have the option of growing wheatgrass yourself. If you purchase fresh wheatgrass from the market, make sure that it hasn’t turned yellow before you use it.

You can store fresh wheatgrass in a container or in the refrigerator for 7-8 days. However, the best way to do it is to juice it immediately after harvest.

Wheatgrass Nutrition and Health Benefits

Wheatgrass is high in antioxidants and nutrients. It contains iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A (as beta-carotene), vitamin C and vitamin E. Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants as well as nutrients. Examples of these nutrients are calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, E and C. It has been called as the medicinal superfood because of the conditions that it helps treat. Medical conditions like diabetes, tooth decay, digestion problems, high cholesterol, kidney stones, bronchitis, gout, sore throat and bladder infections are improved by wheatgrass juice intake.

Jun 7 2015

Living Healthy in Vietnam

gmdietAside from being a naturally beautiful country, Vietnam is also regarded as a country that is abundant with fresh fruits in vegetables. Local citizens and expats living in Vietnam both support the local markets for their fair share of healthy treats. It’s very well known that if you want to lose weight, you need to be doing some form of exercise, but it’s also proven that having a healthy diet aids the whole weight-lose process.

This is why there are many diet programs available for people to try today. One of the most popular diet programs to date is the GM diet. The GM diet is perfect for those who love fruits and vegetables because they are mostly what you are asked to eat on this diet.

The whole purpose of the GM diet is to cleanse the body of bad toxins by eating only organic and food that are rich in fiber. People who live in countries like Vietnam can take advantage of this because of the low fruits and vegetable cost. Vietnam is now considered as the haven of fresh organic fruits and vegetables so you can expect the best finds there. If you are traveling to Vietnam, here are some of the great organic food that you will find there.


In Vietnam, mangoes are grown in the southern provinces. The best mangoes that you can find are from the Cao Lang District in the Dong Thap Province. There are several kinds of mangoes that are known locally in Vietnam so make sure to research on the one that you want to try.


This fruit is taken from a rambutan tree which has a broad trunk and lots of branches. The chom tom tree is known to yield fruit at the beginning of every rainy season and lasts till the end of it. The skin of this fruit is thick and hairy. The meat is transparent and tender that has a sweet taste. The best rambutan in Vietnam comes from the Binh Hoa Phuoc village in Vinh Long province.


If you first see this fruit, you won’t like it because it doesn’t look attractive at all. It is smaller than a tennis ball and has dark violet skin. The meat is transparent and looks like white pulp that is arranged in equal parts. This fruit has a light and pure flavor which leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Star Apple

This is one of the best fruits that you can find in Vietnam and is known as Vu Sua or milk from the breast. These round and smooth fruits are equal in size–all of them. The shape of the star apple resembles the name that was given to it, and it also has juice that is milky white. There is a good way to eat this fruit, and if it’s your first time, you better ask a local to assist you, or you will end up wasting the fresh juice inside the fruit. The best way to eat this fruit is to consume it as a whole.

If you are travelling to India, the GM diet has a version that caters to Indian diet as well.

Jun 7 2015

Beauty Craze in Vietnam Poses Dangers of Plastic Surgeries

beautyprosAll women dream about having the perfect face and body. In Vietnam, some women are looking at plastic surgery to make this dream happen. There are many licensed cosmetic surgeons that offer different types of procedures for those who are interested to undergo the knife for the sake of beauty. The plastic surgery industry is becoming more and more popular not only in Vietnam, but in the whole of Asia. However, just like any other surgical procedure, not all end in a good note.

It’s true that plastic surgery can give you the face and body shape that you want, but there are also risks involved. Major surgical procedures like implants can have side effects overtime, but minor procedures like laser hair treatments are not that bad. For example, implants can cause swelling in the parts where you had the procedure–or worse–it can lead to some complications inside the body. Laser hair treatment procedures on the other hand, can only burn your skin at the most.

This is where your decision as a customer comes in. The risks that are involved in plastic surgeries are always discussed before every procedure. It’s the surgeon’s task to brief you and let you know about the things that can happen post surgery. If you were briefed and you understand all that there is to it, make your decision. There are those people who choose to use makeup to attain the perfect face that they’ve always wanted. This is easy nowadays because more beauty products are coming out, and the technology of modern make-up sure has advanced.

Using beauty products is also popular among women who want to look beautiful. There are many ways that a person can change their whole look with the use of makeup alone. This is made easier by tons of makeup tutorials available on the internet or beauty schools. There are also cosmetology programs that one can learn from. Because of this, everyone can try and do their make-up and change the way they look every day. It’s also fun because you learn a lot of things when it comes to beauty products. If you have the money for it, go for the high-end brands but if you are just starting out, you can always go for the cheaper ones found in your local drug store.

There is no law against plastic surgery, and it’s something socially acceptable nowadays. The only problem when you go through these procedures is that you might regret it in the long run. There have been plenty of horror stories involving cosmetic procedures. If you want to look and feel more beautiful, you can also opt for a spa experience where they pamper you all throughout the day. Spas also offer non-invasive treatments for weight-lose and body and facial contouring which is a safer way of achieving the face and body that you want. Before deciding to go through a cosmetic operation, try to browse around and look for a better option.

Jun 7 2015

The Latest Hobby of Saigonese

bestcompoundbowsThe Olympic Archery Club started with a small archery room on the third floor of a building but now has moved to an outdoor area which enables it to offer more chances for other people to experience shooting arrows. By paying a small fee, the players can rent bows and practice their shooting skills for 30 minutes.

Right now, there are three kinds of bows available for rent at their Youth Cultural House. This includes compound, recurve, and longbow. This is ranked in order of their level of difficulty. The player’s skill is gauged before he is given a matching type of bow.

Everyone can be an archer

Archery has not been around for a long time in Vietnam, but there is an increasing number of interested people of different ages that join clubs to learn archery. The most recent members of the club are sisters aged 14 and 10. They are also considered to be the youngest members of the club. However, after 15 minutes of instructions by a professional coach, they can already shoot their bows without any assistance. People who tried archery for the first time always end up feeling the need to do it over and over again. An old man who is the grandfather of the sisters travels 2 hours by bus just to reach the club instead of doing nothing at home. Employees also get into the sport because it helps them relax after a hard day’s work. Beginner archers notice that the sport helps them become more patient and calm.

Archery coaches and professional players claim that it’s not that hard to play archery, but the game itself needs the player to always be patient, focus their minds and make sure to practice regularly. Not only local people are joining archery clubs in Vietnam, even the expats that are already living in the cities are getting into it. A Swedish family claims that after four months of regular training, they feel as if they have become good archers.

Archery clubs are trying to attract more foreigners to go to Vietnam and try out their archery programs. People describe archery as something that is easy to learn and is very enjoyable.

Aside from normal shooting sessions for all members, the club also launched free training lessons for children. A coach from the club said that they pay a good amount of attention to the safety of these kids because arrows are shot at very high speeds. The Olympic Archery Club also organized many field trips for students that want to practice outside. Although these trips are limited for the meantime, they are organizing more of these trips to come in the future.

These trips provide interesting experiences for club members and open doors to more training classes when the number of members increases. Indoor shooting practice can greatly enhance a beginner archer’s shooting skills, but outdoor classes prepare them for a more realistic experience when they need to use their bows for hunting or even for survival. If you want to buy your own bow for beginners, you can visit The Best Compound Bows.